Custom Machined Parts


The equipment in Alpha Omega Swiss machining jobshop itself conveys our versatility and expertise. We have the most updated machines for CNC milling, Swiss screw machining and other precision CNC machining tasks. Our equipment is capable of Swiss machining accurate parts for the automotive, medical, electronic and other technically advanced industries. The possibilities for precision machined parts that Alpha Omega Swiss produces are endless.

Examples of precision parts:

Bushings Bushings
Standoffs Standoffs
Shafts Shafts
DowelPins Dowel pins
Inserts_jpg Inserts

Our custom precision CNC machining abilities enable parts to be tweaked and refined for each industry and each specific standard. Examples of Swiss machined parts that we can produce range from bone screws, shafts, and standoffs for the dental machining and precision medical machining markets.

For the electronic industry we machine standoffs bushings, dowel pins and inserts out of any material necessary for maximum productivity. Any shape, length or size can be produced, and Alpha Omega Swiss will focus on your specific job requirements to determine the final part design. We are equally versatile in our shaft machining abilities. Quality and precision shafts can be produced out of stainless steel, brass or aluminum. We have successfully provided shafts for the military, aerospace and automotive industries.

Alpha Omega Swiss does not limit our medical or dental machining services. We approach each Swiss machining challenge with a fresh perspective and motivation to create a part that is perfect in precision and cost effectiveness. Contact us or Request a Quote today about your precision CNC machining parts. We manufacture short and long run productions for a number of major industries.