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Alpha Omega Swiss was established in 1980, and since that time we have risen to be a leader in the precision CNC machining industry. Our state of the art machine shop produces products that are made with high quality standards in mind in our 16,000 square foot manufacturing center in Los Angeles. No job is too large or too small, and our services can be fully customized to meet your project requirements. We offer quick lead times, extensive experience, and a committed staff that is highly skilled. Our company has an excellent reputation for our work in medical components machining, and our broad experience makes us a great asset for the production of dental implants, medical screws, and precision components for a range of medical products. In addition, we also make products for a range of industries that include but are not limited to dental, military, and aerospace. Contact us today to request a quote for all of your CNC machining needs. We serve clients in Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

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