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Our expert machining services include:

Alpha Omega Swiss is a leader and innovator in precision CNC machining. Our Southern
California machine shop has provided precision CNC machining services with short lead time for any size order since 1980. Alpha Omega Swiss is backed by years of experience and a dedicated, skilled staff. We have developed a strong reputation for our work in medical components machining. Our expertise in the medical industry makes our company an asset for the production of medical screws, dental implants and precision components for other medical products. For many other machining processes, such as micromachining, CNC turning, Swiss machining and custom machining, we confidently complete various projects with professional results.

Alpha Omega Swiss’s machining excellence is applied to CNC milling, CNC turning, micromachining, Swiss machining needs. We have a state of the art 16,000 square foot screw machining, Los Angeles area manufacturing center to complete a variety of projects on time, and our machining services are executed for highly technical industries such as the medical, dental, aerospace and military industries. Our diverse machining capabilities enable us to be a true one-stop-shop and we look forward to tackling most any machining challenge.

Alpha Omega Swiss not only offers professional and advanced machining solutions, we also offer each client personalized services. Our team is highly focused on providing machined parts which work for each client’s unique needs. Our attention to detail and experience in the various aspects of machining means that we can create parts for nearly any project. Contact us or Request a Quote today regarding your machining project or challenge. As leaders in Swiss machining, precision CNC machining and other machining services, our Southern California machine shop can help you determine the solution for your business needs.

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